25 January 2008

Sweet home Alabama

Well, it will be home at least for the weekend. Later today, I will pick up Kindel and Thom and will be heading down to Birmingham, Alabama for my first ever "worship workshop." Ashley Joiner is the worship leader at her home church down there and asked me a few months ago if I could come down sometime to spend a Saturday working with their band. Although I've had a lot of eclectic worship experiences and positions in the past, this still isn't the type of thing that I feel completely equipped to do, but I'm doing it anyways. We're driving down this afternoon and spending the night having some fun and free time. Then, from 9am to 3pm on Saturday, I will be working with their band, leading a practice through some new songs, teaching some creative aspects to the songs, and advising them on how to be more productive with their particular situation of how much time and talent they have to pour into leading worship. Then, Sunday morning I will probably lead worship with them.

If you remember, please pray for us as we travel. Pray for our safety, for no car trouble, and I also can't afford a speeding ticket. So pray that my foot doesn't fill up with lead...

Also, pray for me and the band. Pray that we will instantly bond and will spend a productive day together but also a fun day together.

Be back Sunday night!

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