30 January 2008

Optimism despite circumstances

First off, this weekend was great. I spent the weekend in Birmingham, Alabama with Ashley and her worship team at her church, Brookview Wesleyan Church. Kindel and Thom came down with me to help out. It was a great time of both work and play. I was introduced to some good Greek food (although it didn't settle well in my stomach for some reason). I watched a couple good movies (especially Freedom Writers). Most of Saturday was spent working with the praise team. I walked them through a few particular songs with the goal of learning the songs, but also (and more importantly) the goal of teaching them how to take a modern worship song, tear it apart, be creative and innovative for your own setting, and implement it in practice. I hope I did my part to teach them those things. This was my first time doing something like this, so it was frustrating at times trying to verbalize or teach some things. The worship team was great though. They were awesome people and I was glad to be able to spend most of Saturday and Sunday with them. They really have a TON of potential to become a wonderful team of lead worshipers for that church. I'm praying the best for them!

Now I'm back here...poor...unemployed...and somewhat bored. Yet, despite my situation, I am still quite optimistic about where life is going. I don't know what God's next step for me might be, but I'm learning to get out of the way and be patient as He reveals it. I'm not sitting idle waiting for God to throw something in my lap. I believe that God moves with us and brings us to the right paths as we are walking, not as we are sitting on our hands. However, it is also easy for me to ask God to follow me as I embark down paths, attempting to make things happen for me. Neither is good and I'm learning the balance in that.

My hopes are up. My trust is in God. He is coming through for me. He always has. He always will.

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