10 January 2008

On my iPod: Jon Foreman - Fall EP

Jon Foreman has been displaying his thoughts, emotions, doubts, fears, and joys for over a decade as the frontman for Switchfoot. Now, he is once again stretching himself on his first solo work, Fall. On this EP, Foreman is dropping the electric guitar and rock band for an acoustic guitar and folk flavor.

This is the first of four EPs that Foreman plans to release over the next year. Each will thematically correspond with the four seasons, attempting to capture the mood and feel of the season represented. This first attempt certainly did not fall short, consistently conveying a melancholy and pensive mood in both music and lyrics. The songs stay relatively simple, keeping with the typical folk genre, coupling that with contemplative and brutally honest lyrics.

Although folk music is typically a lot simpler by form, Foreman has done a great job of writing a thought-provoking and musically-talented work. In addition to the acoustic guitar, Foreman has a variety of other instruments used on this EP. "The Cure for Pain" uses some keys and brass, bringing more life to the track. "Southbound Train" has its own unique sound with the use of a harmonica and strings, sometimes simulating the sound of a moving locomotive. "The Moon is a Magnet" is a great song, coupling Foreman's voice with a clarinet and bass clarinet. The EP ends with a sensitive piano ballad, "My Love Goes Free." In this heart-wrenching track, Foreman stretches his own voice to its limits, utilitizing his falsetto to wring the heart of the listener.

Released on November 27, 2007, the first of the four EPs is a great work in acoustic folk music. In only six tracks, Foreman has re-sold me onto his bandwagon (leaving the bandwagon after being disappointed by the 2005 release of the Nothing is Sound album by Switchfoot). I will be looking forward to the next three projects. Winter is set to hit the market soon on January 15, 2008, packaged together with Fall EP as a 2-disc set. Spring is projected to come out on April 15, 2008. Summer's date is not announced yet.

Genre/Style: Acoustic/Folk

Fall EP, 2007 [Credential]
Winter EP, coming January 15, 2008
Spring EP, projected April 2008
Summer EP,
projected summer 2008 [Credential]


What I Like Most:
  • Use of variety of instruments
  • Brutally honest yet cryptic lyrics
  • Unique theme for each EP

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