11 January 2008

Huck & Chuck: Hilarious...

Ever wondered how Mike Huckabee plans on securing the U.S. borders? Check out this video to find out.

Also, don't think that I am supporting Huckabee because I posted this video. I am not supporting any particular candidate right now. I've watched some of the debates and done a little research on them, but nothing detailed yet.

Also, another piece of advice for people (especially of my generation). It seems to be a considerable trend to quickly "like" Barack Obama because he's relatively young, new, different, a charismatic speaker, and seems to be the candidate most symbolizing change. Don't let that make your decision for you. Most people pick their music choices by what's "hot" that week (and most of it is no-talent pop garbage). Don't pick your candidate by what's "fresh" or "cooler" or what seems to be popular. Dig into their opinions, ideas, vision, and where they fall on the issues.

One more piece of advice. Christians, PLEASE don't vote solely on who is against abortion and same-sex marriages. Those issues are important, but there are far better matters to worry about (like health care reform, our declining economy, and MANY MORE). So, put down the proverbial pitchforks and fight for other causes too!

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Martin LaBar said...

Good advice in the last paragraph.