22 January 2008

The Church is...

The Church is...
  1. The continual movement of Jesus
  2. The one and only bride of Jesus
  3. Always changing
  4. Focused on bringing people close to God
  5. Focused on transforming lives
  6. Powerful
  7. Mighty
  8. Able to completely change the culture around her
  9. Meeting people where they are
  10. Fighting with all it has to advance the Gospel
  11. Abundantly giving of its time and resources
  12. Meeting the physical needs of people
  13. Showing love to each person that it can reach, inside and outside of its building's walls
  14. Showing the world who Jesus is and why He should be followed
  15. "Jesus with skin on," He still moves and works mighty things through His Church
  16. A community passionately desiring to give everything in order to see people meet Jesus
  17. Made of people who compassionately love
  18. Made of people who generously and dangerously give
  19. Made of people who sacrificially serve
  20. Made of people who make the movement of Jesus advance
  21. Loving even after it hurts
  22. Giving even after it hurts
  23. Serving even after it hurts
  24. Aiming for excellence in everything
  25. A community of faith, hope, and love
  26. A movement of redemption, transformation, and devotion
  27. Made of committed followers of Jesus who are ready to love, give, and serve until there is nothing left
  28. Undivided and unwavering worshipers of God


JackNathan said...

I would add
28. Worshippers of YHWH (in whatever phrasing you want, your good at that)
I would alter
21-23. Remove the "until it", and replace with "even though it will" or "even after it" hurts. Having until it just doesn't go far enough to mimick Christ. It still asserts ourselves and attempts to save ourselves.

Great list, great things to keep in mind. Could be a great thing to have posted in a church someday.

Cody Thomas said...

Thanks for the comments bro! I'm definitely with you in those thoughts. The changes were made. Hope the married life is treating you well and you are enjoying loving your wife. All this talk about the Church being Jesus' bride has reminded me how beautiful that loving and serving relationship can be.

JackNathan said...

Haha, I had to come back and post real quick. I am editing Sys Theo II right now and I had a Lecture capturing as I read and commented on your posts. Then I started editing the Lecture and the prof just began a section of slides where the title is "The church from below is..." Which is a way of communicating the Church as we see it. It's actually a Catholic phrase I think but he got a few degrees from Catholic seminaries as well. Just thought that that was funny timing. Love you bro, and yes, my knowledge of the relationship between Christ and the Church is growing each day. It's awesome, I recommend it.

benjiovercash said...

Good stuff.