22 January 2008

The Church is not...

The Church is NOT...
  1. A social club
  2. An institution
  3. A business
  4. A building
  5. Mediocre
  6. Complacent
  7. Closed to anyone
  8. Only for followers of Jesus
  9. Satisfied with little passion
  10. A museum of ancient rituals and songs
  11. A rock concert
  12. Static
  13. Stagnant
  14. Sitting on its hands, doing nothing
  15. An add-on to the leftovers of your life
  16. Made of people who join but don't serve and give to the movement of Jesus
  17. Aiming for average
  18. Loving only when it's completely necessary
  19. Giving only when it's available
  20. Serving only when it's convenient
  21. Reaching the world halfway
  22. An arena for political gain or agenda
  23. Made of people who treasure security and comfort over risk
  24. Looking for the easiest way to do ministry
  25. Desiring little to no commitment

1 comment:

Russell Purvis said...

I'm liking where this is going. None of this are primary focuses of the church, and some of them aren't supposed to be around at all. But we see it everyday.

Miss you in KY. I'll be coming down this weekend.