12 June 2007

Change of plans...

Okay, so I'm at Table Rock Wesleyan Camp right now. As of last week, I was not planning on being here. Here's what happened.

Last week, I drove down to SWU to see Kindel and to help train the ministry teams. Unfortunately, Palmer (who plays drums for "The Difference") caught mono the week before. The mono just wiped him out of energy and it would be sort of dangerous for him to travel to camps all summer. So, he had to drop out for the summer. The band was in a huge bind without him. So, Thursday morning I woke up planning on heading back to Kentucky in a week or so. However, I felt like I couldn't go home without at least offering my help. So, as of Thursday night, I was contracted to travel with the team and head to the first camp in three days. Somehow, in God's providence, Lyle (who sings and plays guitar for the band) took drum lessons last fall and has been playing this past year. So he jumped on drums and I jumped in on guitar and singing. It's been crazy trying to prepare a whole new band setup in three days, but it's coming together well! It took me 24 hours to actually realize that I had just made the decision to travel, but after I got past the shock, I was excited about traveling again. I'm still overwhelmed with the responsibility of leading worship at camps all summer, but God works best when I feel inadequate and over my head. If I only did what I thought I could do out of my own humanity, I would never live up to my potential in Christ.

Here's the rundown of the summer. Each camp is a week:

SC Middle School Wesleyan Camp - Table Rock, SC
Camp Wesley - Kannapolis, NC
SC High School Wesleyan Camp - Table Rock, SC
Camp Rockfish - Parkton, NC
NC East Middle School Camp - Sophia, NC
South Coastal Family Camp - Tuscaloosa, AL
NC East High School Camp - Sophia, NC
Camp Rockfish - Parkton, NC

Pray for me and the team!