26 February 2007

Backpacking and DTR

This has to be a short post because I'm busy packing, talking, and need to get to bed at a decent hour. Why am I packing and need to get to bed? Because I am going backpacking across a portion of the Foothills Trail in upstate SC. I'm going along with Brady and Donnahoo. We'll be leaving 7:30 am Tuesday morning and plan to finish Thursday night. These three days are going to be awesome, painful, challenging, stretching, and moving all at once. I can't wait to sit around a campfire at night with the guys and talk about life, love, ministry, God, and whatever else. It will be an experience. Phil, one of the RDs at SWU, told us today, "It's about the journey, not the destination." Phil always has wise words.

So what's with the "DTR" in the title, you might ask. Well, it's connected with the backpacking. I was in my car driving back to school earlier today and I had some time to think and pray. As I was doing so, I came to a conclusion. In human romantic relationships, there come points in the relationship when a decision of further commitment have to be made. For instance, somewhere along the path, there comes a point when you have to decide if the relationship is heading towards marriage. If it isn't, then there is no point in being there. There are points along the relationship where more commitment, even if it's only small commitments, need to take place. I feel like I have hit one of those moments... with God. I have come to another point in my relationship with Him where I have to make more commitment to Him and hand over more control in my life. I almost understand it as this is a turning point or crisis point in my relationship with Him. I'm tired of playing games and living for myself. At this turning point, it's either stop playing the games, hand over more of my heart, or stop wasting my time saying I will "try harder". It's harsh, but God's call on our lives is not sugar-coated and pretty. Yet what comes out of His call on our lives is much more beautiful than anything else imaginable.

So I'm off... backpacking and having a DTR talk...be back Thursday night!