05 March 2006

Never cease to amaze

To quote Andy Katz, senior writer at ESPN.com, in his article Tar Heels back on top after upsetting Duke:
What Carolina has done this season is quite amazing. The Tar Heels lost their top seven players off a national championship team. The only returning players of note were three role guys in David Noel, Byron Sanders and Quentin Thomas. To be fair, the Tar Heels did have a solid freshmen class, led by forward Tyler Hansbrough. But still, do you really think anyone would have guessed that in the regular-season finale at Duke the four UNC freshmen (Hansbrough, Marcus Ginyard, Danny Green and Bobby Frasor) would outscore the four Duke seniors (Redick, Williams, Sean Dockery and Lee Melchionni) 55-51?

Just had to throw that out there. 83-76...in Cameron...Redick and Sheldon's senior night. Four Tar Heel freshman...best choice for NCAA Coach of the Year. The boys never cease to amaze me this year.

02 March 2006

Our own seminary?

For those Wesleyans out there who might be interested in detailed discussion about seminaries and the possibilities of The Wesleyan Church starting its own seminary, Please check out this post on Ken Schenck's blog (Ken is a professor of NT at IWU). It is quite an interesting read.

Once I'm on break next week, I promise I'll actually write something on here again.