09 September 2005

I'll rest when I'm dead...

Somedays I think that could be my life motto. Life has been as busy as possible. I'm barely keeping my head above water in classes and somehow still managing good grades with last minute work and studying.
But life is good. I'm busy in service and ministry. Ministry team stuff is still a great blessing for me. Spiritual Emphasis Week was just incredible to be a part of again in leading the worship. Being a student chaplain this year is a great blessing as well. Ken Dill is a great man to work for, learn from, and get to know on a personal level. He really does care a ton for this campus and the students' spiritual well-being. I still enjoy helping out at Easley First Wesleyan. Great things are happening there in the growth and liveliness of the church. I am excited to see what new things God might have in store for that church. All that stuff plus many other odd ball kind of things are such a blessing for me, as I get to serve and end up being ministered to in the process.
Classes are great because I'm out of my general eds and now taking different religion courses, ranging from Church Admin to Greek to Pre-Exilic Prophets Bible exegesis. I love learning and thinking in these sorts of classes, although the work load is heavy.
I have to lift up God for moving in my life. I have hit a point in my life where I sometimes feel like so many things are coming together. I am seeing life with a different viewpoint. My interaction with God in a conversational relationship is at a height I have never had before. My Bible reading is on a consistent basis. I'm able to mentor other people right now, while keeping myself mentored by others. I'm learning more of what God is preparing me for in life while keeping my heart focused on the here and now of ministry to be done around me now. My heart is focused so differently now. I wonder now how I ever existed without the mindset and focus that I have now. It feels so strange now, to have such peace with where I am now and where I am being led in the future. I still have questions and I don't know all the details, yet I know where I am being led (if that makes since). I am confident of my future without knowing a whole lot about it. It's so strange. I don't think I've had such a peace about my life like I do now.
I am the busiest I have ever been. I am probably close to being the most stressed I've ever been, and yet I have great peace that "transcends all understanding" [Phil 4:7].
God, guard me to not become complacent in my peace about life. Keep me always reaching for more. I am nowhere near where I need to be in the whole scheme of things. I still have so much to improve upon. God still has so much more work to do in this sinner. But I have to tell of the good things He's doing in me thus far. Here I raise my rock named Ebenezer [meaning "thus far has the Lord helped me"].