27 June 2005

Just an update

Well I'm in Salisbury for a couple days to relax on my one week off from traveling this summer. Traveling has been amazing so far. The group I'm with is amazing, the places we've gone have been great, the people I've met have been awesome, playing music with the greatest musicians ever has been an experience! I love playing music, leading people to the throne of God in music that glorifies Him and shows His worth. What an opportunity--that the filthy and unworthy of earth (me & you) can approach the throne of the worthy & almighty King of all.
I updated the site with some new pictures from traveling. Check it out @ http://www.swustudents.com/~cthomas/ and go to the pictures page and into the "Difference pictures" for the new ones.
God is moving. God is teaching me through all the experiences I've had. God is moving in others. Forgive me for not being there for others whom I've had contact with. I need to be a better friend and brother in Christ to all that I meet.
My life is constantly being re-evaluated. Slowly, God is moving my heart towards total dependence & reliance on Him for my future, for joy in life, for love, for purpose in life. All I ask is that my life be given away for His glory and service, that my life would be the breath of God for others and would not be wasted on my own selfish desires. Bring me only the things & relationships that I need in my life that will further Your work through me!!!

LGLP - LOVE GOD, LOVE PEOPLE -- Always remember that.

03 June 2005

Final Travel Schedule

Here's the final schedule for traveling this summer:

June 5-11 ---- Camp Rockfish ---- Rockfish, NC
June 15-17 ---- Community Wesleyan Church ---- Syracuse, NY
June 19-24 ---- Table Rock Senior High Camp ---- Table Rock, SC
July 3-7 ---- Childrens Clubhouse Event ---- Trinity, NC
July 8-9 ---- Hayworth Wesleyan Church ---- High Point, NC
July 10-16 ---- Camp Rockfish ---- Rockfish, NC
July 20-23 ---- South Coastal District Camp ---- Auburn, AL
July 24-30 ---- East Michigan Sr. High Camp ---- Vassar, MI
Aug 3-9 ---- Mooers Camp ---- Mooers, NY

Please keep us in your prayers. Pray that God will work in the lives of all the kids we'll be in contact with over this summer, that our ministry would be fruitful this summer, not by our own efforts, but by our open willingness to let God work in us.

By God’s special favor and mighty power, I have been given the wonderful privilege of serving him by spreading this Good News.
.:: Ephesians 3:7 (NLT)

"...because a great door for effective work has opened to me..." [1 Cor 16:9]

01 June 2005

Another John Piper quote...

So I'm on a John Piper kick. Here's some more wise words:
We got news at our church that Ruby Aliason and Laura Edwards were killed in Cameroon. Ruby Aliason. Over 80, single all her life. A nurse. Poured her life out for one thing--to make Jesus Christ known among the sick and the poor in the hardest and most unreached places. Laura Edwards. A medical doctor in the twin cities, partnering up with Ruby, also pushing 80, and going from village to village in Cameroon, and the brakes give way, over a cliff they go, and they're dead instantly. And I asked my people: is this a tragedy? Two women, in their 80's almost, their whole lives devoted to one idea, Jesus Christ magnified among the poor and the sick in the hardest places. And 20 years after most of their American counterparts have begun to throw their lives away on trivialities in Florida and New Mexico, they fly into eternity with a death in a moment: is this a tragedy I asked? It is not a tragedy. I'll read you what a tragedy is.
I've got a little article here from Reader's Digest. This is a tragedy. The title of the article, "Start Now, Retire Early." February 1998. (reading from the article): "Bob and Penny took early retirement from their jobs in the Northeast five years ago when he was 59 and she was 51. Now they live in Punta Gorda, Florida, where they cruise on their 30 foot trawler, play softball, and collect...shells."
That's a tragedy. That's a tragedy, and there are people in this country who are spending billions of dollars to get you to buy it...Don't buy it. Don't buy that dream. The American Dream. A nice house, a nice car, a nice job, a nice family, a nice retirement, collecting shells...as the last chapter before you stand before the Creator of the universe to give an account with what you did. 'Here it is, Lord, my shell collection! Look, Lord, my shell collection. And I've got a good swing. And look at my boat...God, look at my boat!'
Don't waste your life.